Sam s Club Credit Card

As the U.S. continues to fight its way through hard economic times, there are many people who are also searching for a way to be able to cope with financial hardships. This is how people have come to gain a new respect for stores such as the Sam's Club and make their ways to obtaining an application for the Sam s Club Credit Card. When you have to think of some ways to do things on the cheap side and have to do it quickly, the Sam s Club Credit Card-Business Discover becomes a pretty great choice. The Sam s Club Credit Card is usually chosen because people realize that at the Sam's stores they will be able to buy more for less money just by having a membership card in hand at the time they need to go shopping.

How much are people saving when they shop with their Sam s Club Credit Card-Business Discover? Great question! Here is a quick breakdown on how the cash back savings are calculated with their Sam s Club Credit Card-Business Discover according to their spending:


Up to $1,500 - 0.25%
$1,500.01 - $3,000 0.50%
$3,000.01 - $5,000 1.00%
$5,000.01 - $10,000 1.75%
$10,000.01 - $250,000 2.00%

Unfortunately, the Sam's Club has an exclusive deal with the Discover Company for their brand of rewards card. This disappoints a lot of people who are more users of the Visa or MasterCard logos. Not to mention that also the Discover card isn't accepted in as many places as it used to be anymore. Apparently rumor has it that because of their deal with Discover, even if you choose not to have a Sam s Club Credit Card-Business Discover or any of their other cards, you can still just make purchases in their store with any Discover card and it will be honored just the same.

One thing that they do boast about is that they have top notch customer service that is totally U.S. based. That is a great thing to consider that they are helping out their own country in hard economic times not only with great prices but by also not outsourcing their call center and allowing Americans to have work opportunities. Even though their card is managed by GE instead of Discover, they really have made some huge strides in keeping their customer service a cut above the rest. That means, you will not actually talk to the discover customer call center agents when you need to speak to someone. Since GE is the one really handling all of the customer service things, they are the actual ones who are servicing your calls. GE doesn’t actually have such a great rapport though as Sam's Club seems to enjoy bragging about. Both Sam’s Club and Discover are incredible companies that have survived many decades. If you are going to decide on the Sam s Club Credit Card-Business Discover, just make sure to monitor your cash back points and keep your account balances intact to avoid the interest rate. If you aren't really someone who spends much with Sam's club, then all of your efforts with them may save money immediately but in the end not gain you any real extra benefits.